Top 10 Wedding Photographers

We have some details to share about the top ten wedding photographers: their photos along with their passion about photography and how some have grown in this dynamic industry.

Wedding photography seems to have more attention on it recently due to how easy technology has made it to share and publicize an individuals work. Some of the top 10 wedding photographers have utilized this just as some artists have utilized YouTube to be discovered. There is something unique about weddings and the celebration it entails; two beings, in love, wanting to enjoy that love for the rest of their lives, regardless of the circumstances or struggles they may encounter along their journey. In this one, magnificent, celebratory day, couples put their best foot forward to honor their unforgettable day.  A token of that day are the photographs that you will have for years to come. With thousands of wedding photographers in the world, it’s difficult to make this list just ten. What makes them the best? Their experience not only in the industry, but with clients, vendors, and other individuals in the wedding world, along with their eagerness to share, teach and enlighten us to appreciate the art. Then there’s the absolutely stunning, timeless wedding photography which of course is amazing.

Orange County Wedding Photographer

Dave Getzschman  is a Los Angeles photographer providing fresh, compelling imagery for clients spanning the editorial, corporate and commercial markets. In 2005, his work as a staff member of the Ventura County Star earned him runner-up California Press Photographer of the Year.

Dave Getzschman Los Angeles, CA

Jeff Newsom

Jeff Newsom is an out of the box, creative wedding photographer based in San Luis Obispo, CA. His work is stunning, capturing angles, concepts in a completely unique vision. Definitely one of the top photographers out there!  “I believe very strongly that my photos themselves can express that much better than any words of mine.”

Jeff Newsom San Luis Obispo, CA

Top Wedding Photographer

“Davina Palik and Daniel Kudish seem like they’re too fun to be seriously phenomenal photographers, and too young to have the distinguished careers that they have, but they are and they do. Setting trends in wedding photography, this upbeat award-winning team delights discerning couples from around the world and impresses editors and photo curators everywhere. Just check out their portfolio and blog where you’ll find 100’s of gorgeous, hilarious, tear-jerking images; then let yourself imagine just how amazing you’ll feel when they capture your wedding day in pictures.” – Junebug Weddings.

Davina + Daniel Montreal, QC

New York Wedding Photographer

Susan has photographed weddings all throughout the US, the Caribbean, South America, Finland, France, and the Bahamas. She’s been published in Inside Weddings, Martha Stewart Weddings, Grace Ormonde Wedding Style, Bride and Bloom, Modern Bride, The Knot, Professional Photographer Magazine, The New York Times Style section, Rangerfinder Magazine, Capture Magazine, Elegant Bride, in Trade Publications for Nikon USA, and Town and Country Weddings. Susan’s teaching career has developed as well; she has been seen at past Digital Wedding Forum conventions, gives private and group workshops throughout the USA, and has spoken at WPPI. 

Susan Stripling Brooklyn, NY

Jose Mesa - Top 10 Wedding Photographer

Jose Mesa is a destination, top 10 wedding photographer in Miami, FL who loves to capture candid, intimate moments. “I never thought this is what I would be doing, but deep down I’m a romantic. The photographs I take are aimed to really capture the emotion and love the couple has. I love my job.” Jose has quickly excelled at being one of the best from working on sets for Bloomingdale shoots in New York City to intimate weddings in the hills of Ohio.

Jose Mesa  Miami, FL

Destination Wedding Photographer

Meet Kathryn. She hails from Chicago and green is one of her best colors. Like you, she has a heart that drifts toward romance and rejoices in finding the most beautiful of things in unexpected places. Kathryn delights in meeting new people, hearing tales of love and hope, and laughing at the absurdities of life. Feel free to drop her a line, sing her a song, or send her your story.

Kathryn Krueger Waco, TX

Top ten wedding photographers

“My photography style is best described as modern, fresh, fun, and sometimes a little quirky. I prefer to let the events of the day unfold naturally and just be prepared to capture them as they happen. While I do give some direction from time to time, I strive to inject fun into my photography, creating unexpected compelling images. However, for the majority of the wedding, I stay in the background as a quiet observer, paying close attention for genuine and candid interactions. It is extremely important to me that the photographs I create at a wedding are both unique and artistic, and when seen collectively, tell the entire story of the day.”

Todd Laffler Califon, NJ

International Wedding Photographer

“Some people play the violin, sing, write or paint to feel alive. I undoubtedly need to express myself through my camera, immortalizing memories that my head tends to forget. I imagine YOU feel as I do, every time I look at one of those images I get instantly transported to that precise moment, being able to relive over and over the very same feelings. “

Susana Barbera Spain

Best Wedding Photograher

“I wanted to photograph people who wanted something completely different, who wanted images that are treated more as art.” Wagner’s style is minimalistic using free space to enhance emotion and maximize art in his work. He and Margaux shoot weddings together and “We do family portraits and reception shots too. We make sure your parents are happy.”

Max Wanger Los Angeles, CA

New York Wedding Photographer

Ron is an extremely accomplished photographer, starting his career as a photojournalist and recently moving to work with Brian Dorsey Studios, where he’s photographed events all over the world. Recently Ron has been named as “One of the Top 10 Wedding Photographers in the World” by American Photo magazine.   

Ron Antonelli New York, NY


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